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Family Owned & Operated

 Miranda, Evan, Zaiden, Isaiah, and Hailey Melton

Photo Credit: Lifestyles Photography


A little about us:  Our Oklahoma roots brought us back to Oklahoma in October 2010 to a small town in Northwest Oklahoma called Woodward. We have lived here since. Miranda was born and raised in an even smaller town in southern Oklahoma in a place called Henryetta where most of her family still lives. Her famous words to anyone passing through that little town was “Don’t blink, you might miss it.”

Miranda and Evan met in Sacramento, CA in 2002 where Evan was born and raised. They got married in 2004 and decided in 2010 to move back to the south to raise their family.  Living in Woodward, the fact that everything is 5 minutes away is awesome when you’ve lived in a place where 5:00 o’clock traffic means your stopped for 2 hours on the freeways not budging an inch. 

Over time, the only thing we felt this town was lacking was things for kids to do, which is why we decided to open Optimaze Family Fun Center. We started investing in Optimaze Family Fun Center in the summer of 2022 some of our close friends knew this was coming, but we wanted it to be a surprise for the most part! We hope ya’ll are just as excited as we are!

We hope that this will help our community continue to grow and offer a friendly fun family environment with great food and entertainment without having to travel 2.5 hours away. After all, time is precious you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.