laser tag rules


These rules are for the protection of everyone playing in the game.

1. No running, skipping, jogging, hopping, climbing, jumping, diving, kneeling, crawling, or stunts.

Please do not run in the arena you could knock someone else down, or trip and fall and get hurt. The arena obstacles are not meant to be climbed on, they do not support human weight.  

2. No physical contact: pushing, shoving, touching of any kind even with the taggers

Do not touch anyone, or anyones equipment. The lasers travel about 1800 feet and work best if you are two feet or more from your opponent.

3. No foul language or bullying

Please be respectful of others

4. Under 42″ tall must be accompanied by an adult

5. Please let Optimaze staff know if you have any health conditions prior to the game        starting

6. We have the right to excuse anyone from play at any time.

7. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol

8. Have fun!